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Natural or Drop Shadow is a graphical effect containing of photograph which looks like the shadow of the object, keeps its originality even after having a small touch of editing for beautifying the object. It gives a feeling of same object presented above the object itself. It is frequently used for the features of graphical edge such as windows or simple text. Almost all the desktop environments are connected with the text icons or features of Drop Shadow because it easily distinguish between the colored background and the text over it. Almost every graphics design industry directly or indirectly depends on it.

The humble way of making a Clipping Path with Drop Shadow of any rectangular body is to draw a black or gray area on background and adjust the object over it. In a word, a drop shadow is a fake gray or black replica of an object drawn underneath the object in a mildly different location.

Pictures often contain a huge and unexpected background if it is captured by a unprofessional hand. By Drop Shadowing, the background can be replaced and the shadow can be created. The primary step of making drop shadow is to determine the direction or angle it is focusing on. The shadow should be created on the reverse side of the light source. Now it is the main primary task to determine the light source. A little experience and sense acuity is important for a graphics designer in this purpose. The designers who have more experience in this field can make the best Drop Shading Effect.

The dispersed photo taken from the background has to keep on a clear background. Then two more layers have to create under the layer of main subject. The ultimate lower layer has to be white as every subject on it has to be focus on. The upper layer should contain hollow effect as it is the desired layer. After that, a clipping path of vector shape has to be drawn according to the shading with the help of pen tool in Photoshop. According to the image resolution the path should be selected and applied with required features. In the next step, the black portion should be created and add essential blur to the layer which is colored as black. After that the shadow length should be given the finest shape and adjustment of opacity also the prime concern to make the Drop Shadow more genuine. If the opacity of the layer ranges between 40 to 60% as per the object then the image looks so natural. Nevertheless it is really difficult when you recognize that there is a straight connection between the distance of the background and photo and also the shadow color itself.

Natural shadow creates a sense of texture and depth, allowing the contentment that the object is really stands behind the object. Using the modern shadowing technique we can easily manipulate our photo in a natural aspect comprising a huge variation.

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