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Photo Art Service is a term coined by Artist Kim Shaw to describe combining a photographic image with acrylic painting. Turning a photographic image into a work of art.

In the arts, the medium was valued for its replication of exact details, and for its reproduction of artworks for publication. But photographers struggled for artistic recognition throughout the century.Since art was deemed the product of imagination, skill, and craft, how could a photograph made with an instrument and light-sensitive chemicals instead of brush and paint ever be considered its equivalent? And if its purpose was to reproduce details precisely, and from nature, how could photographs be acceptable if negatives were “manipulated,” or if photographs were retouched? Because of these questions, amateur photographers formed casual groups and official societies to challenge such conceptions of the medium. They—along with elite art world figures like Alfred Stieglitz—promoted the late nineteenth-century style of “art photography”, and produced low-contrast, warm-toned images.

Photography has come a very long way throughout the years. It’s interesting to read how people came up with the ideas and to see the moments they captured with the inventions they made, like the camera. The appearance of photography with its dissolved compositional center and melted boundaries between the subject and the background contributed a lot to the new aesthetic vision. Photography taught painters to praise an ‘accidental’ natural look of the artworks. Photoshop has expanded the brush controls and introduced a set of dry media brushes since CS5. It is not very difficult to understand the brush control of Photoshop and with a few days of practice, one can develop their own brushes. The brush controls in Corel are quite extensive.The standard set of brushes provided in Corel, though, should prove adequate for the beginner to intermediate level digital painter as these are neatly categorized into media types and individual brush variations. A Wacom or similar pressure-sensitive tablet is a must to get the most out of brushes in either Photoshop or Corel as mush of the controls and variations are pressure sensitive.

Making painterly photo art from photographers, therefore, involves two important steps:-

  • Removing details—partly or fully—from selective areas of the photograph, and
  • Breaking down the photograph into layers of progressive features so as to emulate the look of a painting.

It is more difficult to emulate the look of watercolor digitally than it is to do for oil (in my limited experience). As said before, the way watercolor reacts on paper is unique and almost impossible to recreate through digital means. Corel Painter, for example, has 3 generations of watercolor brushes as the application has evolved over the years to bring the effect as close to real watercolor painting as possible. The latest version makes it quite interesting to see the paint spread, drip, dry and accumulate as one puts a watercolor brush on the digital wet paper and, hopefully, more digital artists would be able to create realistic watercolor art with these tools but for the less initiated photographer, it is advisable to stick to the look of oil than watercolor. Digital painting involves using the details and colors of a photograph to paint on it using virtual brushes. The foremost application for this is Corel Painter—the current version being X3—which has dedicated tools available for cloning and extensive set of real media brushes. There are specific cloning brushes and multiple photos can be combined as clone source for a single painting thereby incorporating parts of different images. Painter also provides the facility of auto-painting and, with the choice of an appropriate brush and texture, can make the first layer of painting quite easy.

I think, the best method, meanwhile, could be to start with enhancing the image in Photoshop, using plugin layers and masks to get the basic painterly look and finish up the photo art in Painter through digital brush work as Painter supports layer effects, adjustment layers, and layer masks of .psd files. Quite a long route but producing good art was never easy. We provide the best photo art service in approximately one era. We don’t need to force you that this is the best place for the photo art service; we just take the work which has no complained yet from the customer. Any excuse of a customer we support him/her to resolve any kind of photo art service problem.

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