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Everything in which we see our reflection attracts us most. That may be water, mirror or any other kind of objects like reflective metals, glass etc. In the same manner, seeing a reflection of anything can make you feel the presence of it very strongly. Reflection shadow is a mirror reflection of an object in an image which is inserted in the photo to make it more beautiful. A reflection shadow makes the image look as attractive as natural shadow and it creates the same feeling as the original glass or mirror produces. Reflection or mirror shadow is an explicit result which gives an illusion of fake shadow from illumination and also gives a 3D effect. It fascinates people’s consideration more easily than the typical ones. The appealing effect which reflection shadow generates can enhance the image quality and make it more presentable.

Reflection shadow is also known as mirror effect or clipping path mirror service or reflection shadow. Mirror Shadow means the reflection of same thing on a shadow. Thus it is known as clipping path mirror shadow.

Photoshop is an outstanding invention of this era. This photo editing software can almost do anything to the pictures according to the need of users. Typically designers use the tool to design and nowadays reflection effect has become a most common phenomenon in almost every design. You cannot imagine a sunrise beside a river and a lipstick over a glass table without reflection. So, it’s the task of reflection shadow to create the attraction.

To create a reflection shadow first you have to select a layer in the Photoshop, which is very much needed for getting mirror or reflection effect. Make a copy of it and double click the on the new layer to differentiate the layers easily. The new copy contains the mirror effect. Now to create the reflected look you have to edit tan transform the image. After that you have to create the image mask and set the gradient. There should be a little gap and slighter opacity to ensure that the reflection is real. With the adjacent of original image the mirror effect has been created with reflection shadow. It will give a realistic appearance and a reflected image.

Clipping with reflection shadow not only creates the illusion of shadow of the featured products but also has a gravity and firmness between the relationship of object and shadow. Photo retouching tool can be used to get the desired reflection. The reflection can be created or improved if it already had a captured one. It has a level of standard. Sometimes too much reflection makes a photo look flashy and cheap even though it is natural. The task of mirror shadow is to adjust the context suitable for the products. It can also create a reflection if there is no shadow contain. The natural look helps in representing the work. After finishing the editing you can easily compare the both photos and you will see the difference between a simply captured photo and a professional photo.

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